Don’t worry – our Swinton Bootcamp is still running!

Its been around a week since i’ve emailed out.

Which is quite a while for me.

Especially since I usually try and get a few emails out a week.

Some weeks its DAILY M-F.

But i’ve not hit it up for 7 days.

Friday we were at an antenatal class most of the day in Manchester.

Then weekend (I don’t tend to work weekend except our Saturday AM session).

Then mid-morning Monday I come down with some weird nausea and dizziness that i’m only just shaking off now.

Just getting around to catching up with stuff finally.

I’m not telling you this to fish for any sympathy. But to share with you that sometimes STUFF HAPPENS.

Things don’t go to plan.

Sure, I could have still got my emails out.

A short one.

A pre-scheduled one for days I was just ‘too busy’.

Thats another lesson in itself for another day.

But the main point is that i’m back to it now.


^^^ what do I mean by that?

Far too often I see people fall off the wagon and then DESTROY their progress.

They slip up and eat some junk, and so ‘write off’ the whole day, or even WEEK.

Just because I didn’t send out my emails I didn’t go crazy and destroy my whole business, did I?

No, you just pick up where you left off.

Now i’m 100% back on track after sending this.

Just like you can be 100% back on track after having a healthy meal and doing a workout after falling off the wagon a little.

So just think next time about containing the slip up and not letting it escalate.

Speak soon

Ben Hanbridge

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