Today I’m doing something I hardly ever do.

If you’ve been getting my emails for a while (or read some of them that i’ve posted up on here more recently) then you know by now I send out emails that contain “infotainment”.

I’ll put in a little lesson, tip or bit of value, alongside some entertainment. With a ‘next step’ for those who want more help.

I don’t often just sent out “buy my shit” emails that are nothing but promotional.

But today I have a straight up pitch for you.

Because I know how great our programmes are and how much they help people. I know i’m bias, but ask any of our members or people who have done our programme and they’ll tell you.
Hit one of the following links below to find out more about our next available programme:

If you’re a woman: Our next female-only 28 day program kicks off 6th Feb.. click here for more info or to apply:

And if you’re a guy: Our guys-only 6 week program kicks off the next day on 21st Feb.. click here for more info or to apply:

If you’ve never done our programme before then APPLY on one of the links above and one of my team (Rachael) will get in touch to have a chat about your goals to see IF we can help you.

And if you HAVE done it before and you want to jump back in then message me back as you don’t need to apply again.

Speak soon

Ben Hanbridge