How DARE They! – They gave me a negative review! Bootcamp Swinton

The other day I was browsing around my Facebook page for Bodyfit Academy, which is our bootcamp in Swinton..

And I realised that I had a 4.3 star rating from the reviews our of a possible 5 stars.

Sure, thats pretty good.

But it pissed me off because all expect 3 ratings were 5 stars.

3 ratings has dragged me down from a solid across-the-board 5 down to an average of 4.3.

The first was a 1 star rating from a guy, who appears to be in his 60’s from Iran. He has NEVER even done the programme.

Kinda sucks Facebook let people drop a review on your page that have never been a part of a business.

The second was a 1 star rating from a girl who has also never done my programme.

And the third was a 3 star rating from a past client from a few years ago. Meh. Not too sure what got her knickers in a twist. At least it was 3 stars and not 1.

Anyway, the rest of the reviews so far are all 5 stars.

You can check some of them out below in the images…

From our guys only programme:

And our women only programme: