Are you writing it down?

Just wanted to hit you up with a small but POWERFUL tip today which will help you melt inches of body fat quickly (its probably not what you think).

And the tip is:
Keep a training AND nutrition journal/diary.

Stick with me here.
BECAUSE… Whatever you track you improve.
Just through the simple fact of measuring something it improves – if I get somebody who wants to lose weight to start doing a food diary and change NOTHING else.. they’ll automatically start eating healthier just because they are tracking it.
But more importantly because they tracked it they can easily look at it and see what needs to improve for next week.
Its TOTALLY different writing it down than ‘knowing it in your head’.
I did this a while back for my business with a time diary.
I wanted to get more efficient with my time and cut out stuff I was wasting time on so I kept a time diary for the week for every minute of work stuff I was doing.
I wrote EVERYTHING down for a whole month.

What I did. How long it took.
Again, timing everything alone helped me speed it up and actually not bother with things I knew I was wasting time on.
‘Pissing around on Facebook’ actually went down to ZERO. I just went in, did what I needed to.. then got out.
And again, it helped me be able to look back on the week and see exactly what I was doing and what needed to be improved on etc.
So journal your stuff.
Use a food diary
Or a piece of blank paper.
Or myfitnesspal.
Or take pictures of everything.
Or whatever the hell you want to use. Just use SOMETHING.

Ideally for the next few weeks to help you form new habits.
Long term is better if you can do that, then even better – but can get boring quickly.
But do it for the next few weeks at least.

Speak soon

Ben Hanbridge

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