Do You Want To Finally Wear The Clothes You Want And Feel Confident Without Having To ‘Cover Up’ And Wear Baggy Stuff?

Bodyfit Academy is not like all those ‘bootcamps’ in Manchester. We help women to lose weight, tone up, get fit and increase their confidence. Fast Results That You Actually Keep Long Term. GUARANTEED.

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I want you to be 100% honest with yourself here… Are you SICK & TIRED of:

  • Feeling unhappy about your body and practically hating it?
  • Feeling like you can’t do the things you want to do because of how you feel?
  • Having little to no confidence?
  • Feeling like you are unattractive?
  • Constantly trying to cover up your body with ‘baggy clothes’ instead of the stuff you WANT to wear?
  • Trying diet after diet and NEVER seeing any real long term results?

Here is the best part, you DO NOT have to feel this way…

I Used To Struggle Too...

My name is Ben Hanbridge, body transformation coach, the founder of Bodyfit Academy and author of ‘The Triangle Of Effective Weight Loss’.

I help busy women to finally understand diet and exercise so they can drop a clothes size in 28 days or less… and keep the results long term.

BUT…I want to be COMPLETELY honest with you. It was not always this way.

I have not always been IN SHAPE. I used to be fairly ‘thin’ but STILL carried a fair bit of body fat…

‘Skinny Fat’. Not really overweight but not toned either.

I felt sluggish all day, getting out of bed in the mornings was near impossible, I had skin which was covered in spots, I had no real energy and it was a struggle for me to do anything with any real effort.

I felt embarrassed with my top off and I remember one year while on holiday where I just thought that enough is enough with feeling sorry for myself and i knew that something HAD to change.

I literally tried everything to change my body. Or so it seemed.

I tried all sorts of different training programmes, searched online and followed different programmes, tried different supplements, even tried going to different gyms.

Nothing worked.

Well, not until I finally discovered a solution.

I discovered a small, select group of trainers from around the UK who were getting incredible results and I invested £thousands to learn from them so I could get amazing results with myself, and eventually my clients.

I took different components from what I learned. Took what was useful and rejected what was not and that was when my unstoppable system was born… The ‘Triangle Of Effective Weight Loss’ ©.

The triangle of success is made up from the 3 pillars: Mindset, Nutrition & Training.

This exact system completely changed my life, it not only changed the way I looked, but the way I felt too!

My skin cleared up, I had the energy to jump straight out of bed in the morning, my energy levels were through the roof all day long and I actually FELT GREAT about my body.

The biggest change you could notice was my confidence. I now had ZERO problem posting up my pictures.

I even posted them out to my email list of almost 2000 people at the time.

I thought, at first, that I just got lucky. BUT, then I tested out the exact same system I developed on friends and family and it worked time and time again.

Now years on it continues to work for all of my clients too and they have friends and family asking them if they have lost weight and bombarding them with questions like “what’s your secret?”!

Now, I am on a mission to help as many women, just like you, to change their lives and finally end their frustration with their body… FOREVER.

Drop A Clothes Size In The Next 28 DaysClick HERE To Apply For Our 28 Day Body Transformation Programme

I KNOW what you are thinking….

”I bet its too tough and I won’t be able to do it!”…


All of the clients I worked with did NOT start at the place they are at now.

Most of them had the same struggles as you before they started.

They too were worried about all sorts of things, just like you may be right now.

But they made the changes to become the people they are now.

You will be guided every step of the way and NEVER be left behind in any workout because you will be working within your own capacity.

You will get help and support with your nutrition too, because after all… that is the part most of us struggle with, right?

And we will do it in a way where you will NOT have to eat boring foods or count calories.

Bodyfit Academy is not just a random fitness bootcamp in Manchester, but a programme that is geared to results using a combination of nutrition and training to help you get the best results.

WARNING: Don’t fall for the mistakes that most people make when it comes to getting in shape!

No longer will you have to deal with…

  • Crazy fat loss pills that can cause anxiety and high blood pressure
  • Liquid diets that are boring, causing you to miss out on vital nutrients
  • Doing long and BORING training sessions to ‘burn off the calories’
  • Home workout DVD’s that never get real results
  • Sit ups that will NEVER get you a flat stomach (TIP: they don’t actually burn belly fat and can cause back problems)
  • Going at your goals alone and having nobody around you for support
  • Doing the wrong things which leave you feeling like giving up when you don’t see the results
  • Counting calories and points
  • Those ‘bootcamps’ in Manchester that just ‘beast’ you and don’t actually get results

This time it is different for you…you WILL achieve your goals.

At Bodyfit Academy we help women just like you to overcome their struggles and obstacles of unhealthy food, lack of motivation, lack of time and the lack of clarity of what to do to get results that stay long term.

So that you can lose some weight, tone up (especially around the legs and stomach), get fitter so that running up the stairs does not have you gasping for breath and increase confidence so you feel attractive once again.

Here Are A Few Benefits Of Bodyfit Academy

  • Supportive Community

    Meet new people and get brilliant social support from other members

  • Results Focused

    Everything is laser targeted to aim to give you the best and fastest results

  • Simple Nutrition Plan

    Complete with amazing tasting meal plans, shopping list & recipes

  • Increased Metabolism

    Burn over 5 hours worth of calories within our 45 minute sessions

  • FAST Initial Results

    This will help boost even more results and keep you on track and motivated

  • Support From Your Coach

    Get unlimited support outside of sessions from your coach to help you keep focused

  • Perfect For Beginners

    No need to worry about feeling you are not fit enough due to the way we design our programme

  • Get Your Confidence Back

    Get the results you are looking for to be able to get back into your favourite clothes

  • Long Term Results

    Change your lifestyle so more yo-yo weight loss and weight gain

Drop A Clothes Size In The Next 28 DaysClick HERE To Apply For Our 28 Day Body Transformation Programme

    Here Are Just A FEW Results From The 100’s Of Women We Have Helped Over The Years At Bodyfit Academy…

    Drop A Clothes Size In The Next 28 DaysClick HERE To Apply For Our 28 Day Body Transformation Programme

    Vicky’s Journey

    Claire’s Journey

    Kelly’s Journey

    Laura’s Journey

    Roberta’s Journey

    Helen’s Journey

    Grace’s Journey

    Angela’s Journey

    Drop A Clothes Size In The Next 28 DaysClick HERE To Apply For Our 28 Day Body Transformation Programme

    Amy’s Story

    Laura’s Story

    Julie’s Story

    What did you feel like before bodyfit academy?

    “I was tired, lethargic, didn’t want to get up in the morning, unhappy with myself.  I felt embarrassed, self conscious and walked past a mirror thinking I’m really not happy.” 

    What was your training and nutrition like before bodyfit academy?

    Before bodyfit academy I thought I was reasonably fit and healthy.  I always had healthy cereals for breakfast and salads at lunchtime, but then by 4pm I would crave chocolate and looking back probably had more than my fair share, then would miss dinner.  I have also tried several gyms over the years but got bored.  As for weight loss, I would loose half a stone or so, come to a stand still, crave sweet stuff and put it all back on again.

    How do you feel now?

    Since joining bodyfit academy I have lost weight and inches, dropped a dress size, I have more energy, my hair and nails are in better condition and I don’t need to wear as much make-up because I now have a healthy glow.  My family, friends and work colleagues have all commented on all these things making me feel good and more confident.

    What changes have you had to make to get to where you are now?

    To achieve these changes, I have attended all bodyfit academy training sessions and with good nutrition advice changed my diet and eating habits.  To do this I have had to become more organised working around a full time job and family commitments.  I also plan my weekly meals.  This has made me, as a person in general, more disciplined and organised during my day to day living.

    Gaynor’s Story

    Claire’s Story

    Jo’s Story

    Tracey’s Story

    Simone’s Story

    What did you feel like before bodyfit academy?

    “Just really unfit and tired all the time and quite unhappy with my fitness levels….I didn’t want to wear certain clothes.”

    What was your training and nutrition like before bodyfit academy?

    Before I started on the programme I used to go to the gym a couple of times a week to do Zumba, I liked it but didn’t really see any results.  I used to try and eat healthy before, normally cereal for breakfast, salad for lunch and then a jacket potato or pasta dish for tea.  I didn’t think I ate unhealthy before but when I think back I used to snack too much and eat far too much bread and drink too much wine!

    How do you feel now?

    When I first started the training I noticed a difference in my muscle tone straight away but because I only did the nutrition half heartedly I didn’t really lose any weight or inches. When I got my head around the nutrition side I felt the weight dropping off immediately and lost my first stone within a few weeks.  I feel great now, better than I have ever felt really and I am definitely physically fitter than I have ever been.

    What changes have you had to make to get to where you are now?

    “I have had to change my lifestyle slightly, I used to drink a lot at weekends before and then graze on stodgy food all day to get through my hangover but I knew this was holding me back.  I still go out, I’m only human but I only drink if I know I’ve nailed the nutrition and training for a good 2 or 3 weeks.  The results I’ve had are enough to keep me motivated and on the straight and narrow!”

    Kim’s Story

    Charlotte’s Story

    What was your training like before bodyfit academy?

    “I used to get exercise in as and when I could when I didn’t have my daughter.  I found going to the gym boring and repetitive, this varied from once or twice a week to as little as twice a month although I do walk a lot with not driving.”

    What was your nutrition like before bodyfit academy?

    “I used to skip meals breakfast or tea (grab on the go) although I tend to eat healthy anyway I wasn’t eating as often as I should and liked a good take away and treat nights or weekends with chocolate or crisps.  I used to eat a lot of pasta and potato, I have found cutting these out I don’t feel bloated.

    How do you feel now?

    “Since starting bodyfit academy in September I make sure I eat every 3 hours this being fruit, veg, yoghurt or smoothie.  I’m more cautious when buying food and don’t give in to the temptation of crisps and chocolate all because I have achieved good results from following the nutrition provided. 

    These results are encouraging me to carry on and fight my sugary cravings, don’t get me wrong I still have the odd treat at a weekend but not like I used to.  I feel more confident in myself, appearance and mentally, from achieving the results I have in such a short amount of time.  I will carry on to achieve beyond my fat loss goal”

    Nicola’s Results

    Drop A Clothes Size In The Next 28 DaysClick HERE To Apply For Our 28 Day Body Transformation Programme

    Claire’s Results

    Diane’s Results

    Jean’s Results

    Sarah’s Results

    Shantelle’s Results

    Tracy’s Results

    Rachel’s Results

    Kym’s Results

    Hayley’s Results

    Michelle’s Results

    Drop A Clothes Size In The Next 28 DaysClick HERE To Apply For Our 28 Day Body Transformation Programme

    Not Sure It Will Work For YOU?  We Guarantee It Will…


    Our Promise To You

    We know what impact that BFA (Bodyfit Academy) has made on the lives, the bodies, the minds, and the energy levels of many people.

    We also know that when you follow our programme it gets results 100% of the time, with every single person.

    If you follow the programme and don’t get results then you don’t pay a single penny.

    It is that simple.


    So, if you do the programme and then if you can’t honestly say that within the first 30 days that…

    • You have dropped a clothes size
    • You are sleeping better than you have slept for years
    • Your waking up feeling refreshed and totally focused
    • Your stress levels have reduced 70-80%
    • Family members and people at work are remarking about how young and good you look
    • Your level of anger and intensity is lower than before
    • Your sex life is better
    • Your stomach is much flatter and toned than it has been for years
    • You are losing weight faster than ever before
    • You feel MUCH more confident than you did 30 days ago
    • You are able to fit into and buy the clothes you want


    …then you don’t pay a single penny.

    It is that simple.

    Drop A Clothes Size In The Next 28 DaysClick HERE To Apply For Our 28 Day Body Transformation Programme